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Welcome to the wiki pages of the Robot Systems Engineering (RSE) group of Automation and Control at DTU Electical engineering.

These pages will contain updated information on RSE projects and other issues related to robotics research.




SMR (Small Mobile Robot)

UR5 (Universal Robot UR5 Arm)

UR10 (Universal Robot UR10 Arm)

Fieldrobot (Fieldrobot)

iRobot ATRV-Jr


regbot (small robot intended as control-1 exercise)

Robobot A small 4-wheel robot intended for DTU Robocup.

SimServer Stage-based multi-robot simulator

Drone control drone base control

Fejemis autonomous cleaning

Capra P5

Scorpi crane robot

Other projects

Claas axion (Semi-autonomous heavy tractor)

Labyrinth (Labyrinth game)

DTU running path dataset

Mini40 force/torque sensor

Robotiq gripper

Visual Tracking on Pixhawk (Position estimation of Pixhawk flight controller with external camera)

3D localization based on sensor network

inspection robot (4/6-legged robot)


(Mobile Robot software)

  • AU Robot Servers (AURS) includes servers for soft real-time processing, e.g.: camera and laser scanner processing.
  • RHD (Robot Hardware Daemon) is the hardware abstraction layer, with interface to real-time sensors and actuators.
  • MRC - see SMR below - is the real-time movement control (and mission control using the SMR-CL language)

Version and download

Automated test setup

Linux system considerations

Switchtool - Shift Mobotware version - earlier, newer or the one locally on the robots

Rules for udev on RTAI (How to use udev rules to get correct modes for RTAI fifos and Comedi devices)

Naming networkinterfaces using udev

Setting permissions for various devices using udev

Authenticating Linux clients against MS Active Directory

Using GDB for coredump

Older pages

flexbot design work to get a flexible stair climbing robot

Ubuntu 32-bit or 64-bit

Slackware OpenCV package install

Slackware packages in robot image

MMR (Medium Mobile Robot)

HAKO (KU Life tractor, now in Hohenheim University Germany)

hexakopter (notes for six-rotor helicopter including the pixhawk autopilot)


Platform list (List of computers used for various control set-ups)

Realtime testing (Description of small test procedures to verify RTAI realtime operation)

Introduction to Matlab RTW and RTAI (Guide for usage of RTAILab with Matlab RTW and Simulink)

How-to documentation


NTP howto time-sync 2 computers

Using the RSE SVN repository

Flash disk cloning - to repair robot boot disk image

Install on (K)UBUNTU - for test and development on PC or laptop

Install on raspberry - install Mobotware on raspbian (NOOBS) or a Debian based Linux on Beagle-bone.

Install Universal Robots simulator on lab PC

Remote Development of Mobotware Using Eclipse

Set hostnames from dhcp-server with dhclient on *buntu systems

Notes on compiling augclient - GUI interface for Mobotware used fx. in AGCO project

utility pages

Convert a .tex document to openoffice

Access DTU campus network using VPN from Linux

disable display manager on boot (and thereby the graphic user interface)

How to make a animation from separate images

Citrix access to DTU files and Windows Apps (Using Citrix Receiver, preferred way from 2015+)

Latex where to put document class files in ubuntu installation

file export testpage for export of files

older pages

RoboCup - bl.a. scoreboard - not maintained

AU software license considerations

Robot GUI (MARG) - (no longer maintained)

Install GUI-less UBUNTU - new boot disk image for robots


PLC controlled traffic light

Machine shop in 326

Inverted pendulum

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